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About Us


Sherrie Firouz is a licensed Travel Agent who has explored many incredible destinations throughout the world over the last 20 years and she wants to share her passion of traveling, with others. 


She uses her experiences and her knowledge in the travel industry to create customized vacation packages, adults-only tours, and group tours that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. She has made traveling simple by organizing the trips to where you won't have to guess what to do next. We also add the peace-of-mind when traveling with us on our group tours by assigning at least one US Military Veteran to guard our group. Great Expectations Travels' unique trips include knowledgeable guides, comfortable accommodations, and unlimited memories! 


How It Works 


G.E.T. coordinates incredible tours to different destinations throughout the year. We book the hotels, excursions, transportation, and other aspects of the trip depending on the tour package. Our tours are unique because the tour agent is also on the trip to guide you through eah day and make sure ever detail is managed perfectly! 


Here's what you need to do:


* Select the tour package of your choice and put down your deposit. The deposit will reserve your place on the trip because there are limited spaces available.


* Call (424) 666-8333 or email to discuss flight options. We want to make sure your arrival and departure flights are compatible with our airport transfer times so we will inform you of the best flight itineraries or we can book your flight for you.


* Pay the balance before the deadline.


* The group will meet at a designated area at the airport so we can begin our journey together.


* Your trip is all-inclusive-style because everything in the description of the package is included but it's YOUR choice whether you want to participate in that days' planned activities or excursions.  If you want to sleep in, relax by the pool, or explore the surrounding areas, it is your decision to make.

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